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Mediterranean Diet ~

Studies show adopting the Mediterranean diet may help ward off heart attacks, stroke and premature death. This type of eating pattern can help lower cholesterol, help with weight loss, improve rheumatoid arthritis, and reduce the risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and various types of cancer.
It’s important to understand the elements of a Mediterranean-type diet:

Base every meal on fruits, vegetables, whole grains (whole wheat bread, brown rice, quinoa and bulgur), olive oil, beans, nuts, legumes (lentils, dried peas and beans), seeds, herbs and spices.
Eat fish at least twice a week.
Eat moderate portions of cheese and yogurt daily to weekly.
Eat moderate portions of poultry and eggs every two days or weekly.
Eat red meat sparingly or limit to three-ounce portions.
Drink plenty of water each day, and drink wine in moderation—no more than one (5-ounce) glass a day for women, two glasses per day for men.

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