Dear Kathryn ~ Thank you for your caring and kindness. Thank you for your treatment & interest about my progress. Howard B.

I saw Kathryn to be hypnotized. What I loved besides being hypnotized is that Kathryn took the time to talk to me about my concerns. Kathryn was very helpful. The hypnosis and her tips have me on the right track. I highly recommend Kathryn & her hypnotherapy to help you. Rhonda S.

Good morning!  And what a great morning it is!!  Awoke with energy I haven’t had since the fracture.  In addition, my back doesn’t ache!!  Thank you so-oo much, Kathryn.  I’d love to have you work more with me on this and some other healing challenges I have. Today is busy with water therapy, etc. and I am looking forward to it now that I have renewed energy for it. Talk with you soon.
Namaste, dear friend, and thanks again.
Love, Donna 

It used to be only the granting of wishes that could bring my energy levels up. Until I met Kathryn that is. After and hour session I felt taller with clearer thoughts and actions than I’ve had in a long time. Simply put – I felt younger and more energized. Thanks Kathryn, For being so awesome! –

I AM GENIE, Founder ~ Joshua Dawson

I am truly blessed to have met Kathryn and her Daughter Hannah many moons ago in San Antonio. On my last visit with Kathryn she shared with me her passion for healing and the use of essential oils and voltage. For the last 3 years, there has been a growing pain through the whole right side of my body. Kathryn dove deep into my self- mind, body, and soul, to find the deep underlying cause of this pain. It’s amazing, how the veil was lifted for me, how healing it was to just know what the cause was, and how uplifted I felt when I left her presence. Kathryn is an extremely gifted and intelligent woman, with a light heart and youthful spirit, you can’t help but feel happier and lighter when you leave her presence. I highly recommend to anyone going through anything that brings dis-ease, please allow Kathryn to push the veil away..only through awareness comes change. 
She is truly gifted.  
Ingrid Thornhill, Director of Dreams at www.experiencegenie.com

Thank you Kathryn for arming me with the tools and knowledge to live a healthier life. Your coaching really made me understand the adage “eat to live and not live to eat”. Society teaches us that we can overeat and then get on the treadmill and work it off. This didn’t work for me. I learned from you to eat healthy foods in moderation along with the need to exercise for a happier life. Understanding what you need to do to avoid a lot of chronic illnesses that we are affected by begins with healthy eating and exercise and you helped me understand that better than I ever have.
Sharon H

Thank You Kathryn Jost! As a result of the information you have shared with me through Little Steps Big Changes Coaching and of course following your advice I have experienced so many positive changes in a short time!
Discussing my goals and getting the information on how Nutrition and Exercise is transformational in many ways is one thing but being held accountable for periodically reviewing the results is what really made the difference. In theory the practice of making positive changes is simple but our periodic reviews of each step kept everything fresh and my actions in following our plan came much more naturally. I must say that losing 30 pounds is more transformational than just seeing a lower number on the scale. As a result of our sessions I am more confident in taking on challenges, have excess energy and an outlook on the future that has me anxious to greet each new day!
Thank You Kathryn Jost!
Theodore M Page, General Contractor

Kathryn agreed to be the invited guest speaker to the college group at Pilgrim Lutheran Church and spoke eloquently about how important their lifestyle choices are, especially in regard to food and what they put into their bodies. Her unique insights on the subject was very well received by the students and will no doubt impact many more as they spread her important message. Kathryn’s qualifications were evident and her passion for the subjects of health, wellness, and disease preventive choices. We look forward to her continuing to educate the students on these important issues.
Connie Kendrick, Director of Youth Group, Pilgrim Lutheran Church

Kathryn is a very dedicated and compassionate person.
She has been involved in nutrition and exercise for over 30 years . I have all my life battled with my weight and she has shown me a better way of eating by encouraging and providing the tools for a more healthy life. She is extremely knowledgeable and not only about nutrition and wellness but has some incredible recipes that I have grown to love. she has provided me with a lifestyle NOT A DIET !!!!!! I am so grateful and cherish her passion and motivation. Kathryn you are amazing!
Shelby J. Jost, Artist

My Mother, Kathryn Jost, has been a positive role model to me as well as so many fellow Houstonians for both representing and teaching the benefits of sustainable living and a healthy lifestyle. Her unique sense of taste, knowledge of nutrition and lots of kitchen talent have led her to creating delectable dishes you would never guess are healthy as well as tasty!

We have long believed that the nutritional power of food, used wisely, has the power of medicine to heal and sustain a healthy body. Through her love of helping others Little Steps Big Changes has been the tool she uses to share her knowledge of body transformation and more importantly share her enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle with others.

Mom is known in Houston for her endeavors in sustainable living and healthy lifestyle as a Health Guru. I have taken the lessons learned from her and find myself also an all natural, green advocate…hence the nickname “Hippie” Hannah, given to me by Tyra Banks of the reality TV show, America’s Next Top Model, that I participated on in 2011.

I am proud to carry on the traditions of nutrition & sustainability taught by my Mom, Kathryn Jost and enjoy an active healthy lifestyle representing the new wave of “hippies”.
Hannah Jones, Model, Actress http://hippiehannahjones.tumblr.com/

I recently met with Kathryn to work on my jaw area where I experienced a great deal of tension.  With the use of her knowledge and several different treatment methods, not only was she able to help me with this issue in the moment, but also gave me some ideas on how to continue to helping myself.  Kathryn is not only a “coach” but also a teacher, motivator, visionary and sage!                   Linda H., Account Executive,  Security Systems

 I made an appointment with Kathryn for a treatment because I felt vapid with so many projects happening all at once, my skin looked sluggish and I felt my spirit was in need of nurturing. What I did not expect was the feeling of total relaxation from the aroma of the oils, the energy that surged through my body (in the most marvelous way) from the bio-modulator, the wealth of information I received about the foods my body needs for my blood type, advice on meditation and more. Two days later, and I feel more grounded, balanced and scintillating than I have felt in a very long time. Kathryn not only has a vast knowledge in the health and wellness field, but she is a true healer. I trust her completely!  Renee Somoza www.renee-ssance.com Public Speaker and Fitness Instructor

Kathryn is very knowledgable in her craft and explains everything well as she goes. She talked to me about what my body was doing and what she was doing to improve it. I had been very sick for a few weeks before and in turn had coughed so badly that I had injured my side to the point it hurt to do just about everything. After my session my mobility improved and with the use of all the amazing essential oils she recommended I improved a little everyday. I also just felt better all around lighter like a weight had been lifted. I feel like I have gained a new tool in my toolbox for my path to wellness.
Thank You Kathryn, hope to see you soon. ~ Ashley Smith, Esthetician

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