A great Eco-friendly gift idea to consider is donating to a cause & by spending a little you will be giving a lot. Here are a 10 organizations to consider;











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  • Ms. Jost,
    Thank you so much for featuring Food For The Poor among the charities you recommend for giving a little to make a BIG difference! There are many items in our holiday gift catalog that fall into that category, including a $5 kerosene stove recommended by Oprah herself! For additional gift ideas, please visit http://www.foodforthepoor.org/catalog/web.html
    Thank you again for your support!

    • Dear Megan,
      You are very welcomed! I’m going to post the website on my Facebook biz page as well.
      There is enough for everybody, we just need to share. Thank you for recommending
      the $5 kerosene stove. It’s important to let others know that even $5.00 can make a
      huge difference in someone’s life. Thank You for the time and energy in the cause of
      Food for the Poor!
      Kathryn Jost

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