Health Tip: SAUNA

by kathryn629 on May 26, 2011

An infrared sauna is an effective way to remove toxins from your body. Make sure your drink plenty of pure water before and after the sauna to stay well hydrated.

Health Tip: LAUGH IT UP

by kathryn629 on May 24, 2011

According to Dr. Diane Snustad at theUniversity of Virginia, one hundred laughs are equal to 15 minutes on the stationary bike.

Health Tip: NATURE

by kathryn629 on May 9, 2011

Research has shown that being out in nature relieves mental stress and fatigue and creates a positive mood. If you are feeling stressed go for a walk in the park instead of grabbing a candy bar.

Health Tip: BE ACTIVE

by kathryn629 on May 9, 2011

The College of Alumni Health study has shown that if you become and remain active you will live longer, look and feel better, have more vitality, think more clearly and sleep better.

Health Tip: DIET TIPS

by kathryn629 on May 9, 2011

To help keep your arteries clean and blood flowing to your brain, eat a diet rich in plant-based foods, fresh vegetables, whole grains, legumes, fruits, seeds and nuts.