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Copaiba Essential Oil

I’m super excited to share information about the remarkable essential oil – Copaiba! Please see this link to the video where Dr. Hill explains the incredible benefits of COPAIBA OIL

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Are Mammograms really Safe?

Mammograms screening is being abolished in Switzerland. The New York Times reported in 2012 that “mammograms don’t work” New York Times. Mammograms have downsides; false negatives, false positives, and overexposure to radiation. Personally, lifestyle choices including diet & breast thermography are a better fit for me. For more eye-opening information, see the film that every woman NEEDS to see “The Promise”! The Promise Film

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Watching Boob Tube vs Exercise!

Harvard research scientists found that every hour per day that women spent fitness walking instead of watching television they decreased their risk of obesity by 24% and diabetes by 34%. Photo image via American Woman Magazine

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