Cool Down

by kathryn629 on May 16, 2012

It is important to cool down and lower your heart rate after exercising. Some simple ways to cool down are slow walking or cycling for 5 minutes or until your breathing is normal and your heart rate is under 100 (…)

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Health Tip: MOLD

by kathryn629 on May 15, 2012

A natural mold and mildew treatment is to mix one drop of tea tree oil with one cup distilled water and spray on the mold and mildew.

Health Tip: POSTURE

by kathryn629 on May 12, 2012

Poor posture may lead to neck and back pain, headaches, vision problems, breathing difficulties, numbness in arms, wrists or feet. Poor posture is usually related to habitual ways we hold and carry our bodies. Start today to focus on improving (…)

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Health Tip: POISON

by kathryn629 on May 7, 2012

Leave hazardous or poisonous materials in their original package with the labels intact.  These labels contain valuable information in case of an accidental poisoning.


by kathryn629 on May 1, 2012

A study at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore found that a high sodium diet plus a high stress lifestyle increase the possibility of developing high blood pressure over 10 times more than either of these factors on their own.