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New Year New You!

by kathryn629 on January 12, 2017

Flat Belly Detox Water Recipe Ingredients: 24 ounces ice cold water Slices of fresh cucumber Fresh mint leaves ½ sliced lemon ¼ sliced orange Why is so beneficial? Mint improves digestion and reduces stomach cramps Cucumbers are known by their (…)

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Plant based diet works!

by kathryn629 on July 13, 2016

Coconut Oil as treatment for Alzheimer’s

by kathryn629 on January 15, 2016

Dr. Mary Newport on Medium chain Triglycerides & Ketones Coconut Oil as Treatment for Alzheimer's

What messages do you tell yourself?

by kathryn629 on October 11, 2015

Mediterranean Diet ~

by kathryn629 on July 20, 2015

Studies show adopting the Mediterranean diet may help ward off heart attacks, stroke and premature death. This type of eating pattern can help lower cholesterol, help with weight loss, improve rheumatoid arthritis, and reduce the risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease, (…)

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