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Year: 2014

Water is essential to flush out waste products and toxins, prevent constipation, optimize liver and kidney function and required for most metabolic processes in your body. Drink a minimum of 60 oz a day of clean water.

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An optimum fitness program includes cardiovascular exercise for heart health, stretching exercises for flexibility and resistance exercise for muscle strength and endurance.

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There are several ways you can contribute to reducing, reusing and recycling. *Skipped the bottle water, used reusable water bottles such as aluminum or BPA free plastic bottles. *Think before you buy (do you really NEED it?) *Borrow instead of buying, libraries, resale shops, vintage stores are all great places to shop. *Keep electronics; cell phones, computers, out of trash *Make your own cleaning supplies *Take shorter showers *use cold water while laundering *dress appropriately and either...

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