Aromatherapy/Voltage ~

Voltage is healing! We are made of frequencies. I counsel clients in aromatherapy and the synergies between voltage & essential oils. As a result, blocks are removed allowing clients to feel stronger, more youthful and energetic. Call for an appointment.

Price: $75.00

Hourly Coaching Call ~

Coaching 1:1 ~ a 55 minute phone call where I will

*assess your level of health and well-being

*help you identify and achieve whatever goals you set

*develop a plan to work on the issues at hand

*provide you with tools, not opinions

Price: $90.00


Jumpstart Organic Cleanse ~

The act or an instance of starting or setting in
motion a stalled or sluggish system or process.

*Incorporate healthy dietary changes

*Learn tips to health & vitality

*Reap benefits of long term preventive healthcare

*Maintain vim and vigor of youth

*Lose weight

*Feel GREAT!

Price: $99.00


Monthly Coaching ~

I recommend a month so we can focus on you and the results
you want, remember it takes 21 days to develop a new habit.

One Month Coaching

Price: $495.00

Three Months Coaching

Price: $1,335.00

Six Months Coaching

Price: $2,470.00


Private 1:1 Session at Home ~

This is where you and I meet together in your kitchen & revamp your pantry  and refrig; eliminating all toxic & processed foods. In addition, a possible tutorial on juicing or maybe a cooking session. This does not include the cost of food.

Price: $150.00


Shopping Tour ~

This is you and me at the grocery store or maybe the farmer’s market shopping together for clean unprocessed foods and learning where the nasty toxins hide. This does not include the cost of food.

Price: $100/hr


Group Coaching ~

Public Speaking

Price: $300.00 per hour