Month: August 2010

Use It or Lose It, You Choose!

Aging is inevitable. This much we know. We grow older day by day as do all living organisms. Fortunately, we humans have an advantage. We can make conscious choices and by doing so a person can determine whether they will grow older with vigor and grace or decline with frailty and demise. So many more options are available to us now, medical treatments including Botox injections,antioxidants, anti-age supplements, creams and lotions all promising to be the latest and greatest elixir of youth....

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Health Tip: Go RAW!

If you are seeking instant energy, try raw fruit and vegetable juices. Raw juices need virtually no digestion, so the juices are absorbed easily and utilized quickly.

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Health Tip: Lose the fat!

A recent study at the University of New South Wales in Sydney found that women who spent 20 minutes mixing sprints and jogging lost three times the fat off their legs and butt in 15 weeks than those who jogged steadilyfor 40 minutes.

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Health Tip: Texture Your Salad

When preparing a nutritious salad keep texture in mind. Incorporating a wide variety of textures, from juicy apples to smooth avocado to crunchy chopped almonds, will make your salad more enjoyable to eat.

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